A prime feed from Kai Hoop.
Sat Oct 19

Avani Hoop’s Theory of General Relativity

Everything that I do or am asked to do is the opposite of what it is. This does not apply to others.

Wed Sep 25
If I were to create an unabridged list of the groups that any person or object were in, I would die before reaching the 1% mark. Self
Wed Apr 17
Fool me once, shame on both of us. Fool me twice, just more shame on both of us.
Mon Nov 5

Useful Equations Part 1






Wed Oct 17
  • This
  • Is
  • A
  • Text
  • Post
  • In
  • The
  • Wrong
  • Format
Fri Sep 21

The Best Hot Dog Ever

German mustard, sauerkraut,

On a bun,

With a hot dog,

It’s delicious, it’s delicious

It smells atrocious,

But it’s delicious.

Sat Jun 9
Wed Apr 25
Determination is an exellent catalyst.
Mon Apr 2

March/May Fool’s Day

Aprile pesce! Attendere - che cosa? Non รจ il pesce d’aprile? Joke su di me! No!

Thu Mar 29

Namespace Def.

The tags are for multiple-selection in Javascript or some other thing.